The project

The SAFEorFAKE? Toolkit project is a project led by AIJU Instituto Tecnológico del Producto Infantil y de Ocio with the support of the European Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO).
In the course of the project, educational resources will be developed to teach children and raise awareness among them about the importance of intellectual property and the risks that counterfeiting poses to health, the economy and the environment.

These resources, open and free of charge, are aimed at:

children aged
8 – 12
primary school teachers and
teacher training students
other out-of-school educators

The educational materials include a series of mini-games, animated videos, infographics, didactic guides and worksheets with an educational and playful approach that will help achieve the key competences established by the European education guidelines and Spanish legislation (LOMCE and LOMLOE).

Through products of interest to them, such as toys, children will learn about intellectual property, and the risks posed by counterfeit toys for their health, their families and the environment.


Are you a primary school teacher, a student teacher, or do you teach extracurricular activities? Do you want to do something different this year? Contact us and we’ll explain how you and your students can participate in the project.

The SAFEorFAKE project is being developed by the Instituto Tecnológico del Producto Infantil y de Ocio (AIJU), a centre of reference for children’s product safety and child consumer knowledge.

AIJU has a multidisciplinary team with four main areas of knowledge:

child consumers and leisure for all
ICT technologies and product development
product safety, technologies and testing
innovation and sustainability
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